TeachTown for Clinicians
TeachTown for Clinicians
TeachTown focuses exclusively on children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental disabilities and intellectual disabilities — providing them with the only educational treatment that has been scientifically validated: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We know that as qualified professionals trained in ABA therapy, clinicians are oftentimes challenged to connect the treatment and progress made in office therapy settings to home and/or the school setting. With TeachTown’s product suite, you can be assured that client progress data is recorded and summarized allowing it to be shared with all members of the child’s support team.
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TeachTown Basics Overview for Clinicians
TeachTown Social Skills Overview for Clinicians
With TeachTown Basics you can provide your clients with scientifically-proven ABA treatment in your office setting as well as in your client’s home.

TeachTown Social Skills will provide video-modeling episodes of age-appropriate targeted skills and provide you with lesson plans, supported materials, and strategies to generalize those skills in a natural setting.

TeachTown Basics​

A ​comprehensive ​curriculum that blend​s​ computer-delivered ​lessons ​and teacher-led ABA instruction​.​

Primary Program
Secondary Program - Coming Soon!

TeachTown Social Skills

A comprehensive, character-based video-modeling curriculum.​

Elementary Program
Middle School Program - Coming Soon!
Professional Services
Webinar Training for Clinicians
With the web-based training package, the trainer will conduct a 3-hour web-based conference with up to 6 clinicians. Participants can access the webinar from any computer via the Internet using a toll-free conference line. The trainer will remotely lead participants through the training presentation, exploring the curriculum and addressing relevant skills as they go. Participants will move through the process of setting up facilitator and student accounts in each program and will leave the training prepared to implement each curriculum with their clients.

Our goal is always to provide our participants with the knowledge, skills, and preparatory steps necessary for the participants to implement the curriculums immediately. The participants will also receive contact information for their trainer and customer service representative, so they can easily access assistance and further information.
TeachTown® is committed to actively participate in high-quality research on its programs that address not only the question of what works, but also the question for whom it is effective, as well as what factors moderate program effectiveness.
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